New painting in progress with still life. The swan cracks me up after starring at it for hours.

A few drawings in my sketchbook I did this summer. 

New works in progress

This summer, I’ve been lucky enough to be accepted to the ArtLab program at Mountain Lake Biological Station. I’ll be here for 2 weeks to make art alongside fellow art students, visiting artists, and biologists (considering this is a research station after all). Above is a picture of the pond at the station and the cabin I stay in with 3 other students. It’s pretty great! The station has a vast collection of specimens that I fell in love with (because who doesn’t love skulls and dead animals?!!). I’ll be posting progress pictures of my art soon~ 

Untited (for now), #005 micron pens on 15x20in illustration board. 

Garlic, 18x24 in, oil on canvas. 

An assignment I did for my painting class this past semester. This is a sort of break-through piece for me because I was struggling with the task of giving the objects dimensions and weight at the time. I’m very far from fixing all the drawing/painting problems I have but I’m very happy with how this one turned out. :) 

The painting I’m currently working on. Untitled, for now. 22x30 in, oil on canvas. 

So I made this thing. It’s not perfect but I tried to make it as professional looking as possible. Do give it a visit!

My desk at home with a very motivational mug and gourd leaves in wine bottles. 

The Eye. 

9x11in. Micron pens and Prismacolor colored pencils. The iris is done using colored pencils while the rest is done by stippling with micron pens.